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Preserves and Jams
Chutneys, Savory and Hot Sauces, Mustards
Dips, Rubs and Mixes



MangoPreserve copyMango Preserve, 8oz                                                                                  $4.95 + S&H

Luscious, tree ripe Pine Island Mangos go into our jars, creating a world of taste.


StrawberryPres copyStrawberry Preserve, 8oz                                                                           $4.95 + S&H

Strawberries from Southwest Florida, oozing with flavor, beat all others to our kitchens and our customers’ tables. Freshness is the key to this great-tasting classic preserve.


StrawberryMango copyStrawberry Mango Preserve, 8oz                                                               $4.95 + S&H

Two favorites combine to make this great preserve.


Blueberry copy


Blueberry Jam, 8oz                                                                                     $4.95 + S&H

An all-time classic.


Mango-Orange_AWMango Orange, 8oz                                                                                    $4.95 + S&H

You can certainly taste the sweet tropics of the mango, then the warm sunshine of the citrus will settle in.


OrangeMarm copy

Orange Marmalade, 8oz                                                                            $4.95 + S&H

Just like Mom used to make. This recipe is straight from Cynthia’s 80-year-old mother in Ireland. The Irish have been purchasing Sheila’s marmalade for 60 years. Great stuff, we know you’ll agree.


MagnoHab copyMango Habanero Preserve, 8oz                                                                  $4.95 + S&H

Tree-ripened mango combined with Habanero peppers makes this spicy, sweet and hot pepper jelly one of our customers’ favorites. Great over cream cheese with crackers or as a glaze on your favorite cuts of pork or chicken.


MangoChutney copyMango Chutney, 8oz                                                                                   $4.95 + S&H

Pine Island Mango, Papaya and Ginger are the base for this greatly misunderstood condiment. Consider it as you would a relish or a glaze for meats and a great go-along for your favorite savory dish for an added taste sensation.

PinkGrapefruit copy


Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, 8oz                                                               $4.95 + S&H

Just a little tart to perk up your morning toast!


PineapplePres copyPineapple Preserve, 8oz                                                                           $4.95 + S&H

We don’t make much of this product because we use our own grown pineapples (18 months to grow one). But when we make it, it sells very quickly. For anyone who hasn’t tasted a freshly grown pineapple, you don’t know what you’re missing! Our pineapples don’t travel by boat to us, they’re picked and jarred. Period!

RaspberryJam copyRaspberry Jam, 8oz                                                                                   $4.95 + S&H

Sweet red berries picked at the peak of perfection to make at sweet spread like my Great Grandmother used to make.


RaspberryJalapeno copyRaspberry Jalapeno Jelly, 8oz                                                                    $4.95 + S&H

These ripe red berries get a jolt when jalapenos are added for extra flavor.


Pomegranate copy

Pomegranate Jelly, 8oz                                                                              $4.95 + S&H

Antioxidants never tasted so good.


SweetPepper copy

Sweet Red Pepper Jelly, 8oz                                                                     $4.95 + S&H

Sweet red peppers are a great addition to many dishes.


HotPepperJelly copy

Hot Pepper Jelly, 8oz                                                                                  $4.95 + S&H

Sweet and hot, this makes a great spread on crackers, or mix it with cream cheese and make it into a dip.


TropicalJamTropical Jam, 8oz                                                                                        $4.95 + S&H

Who doesn’t love this blend of tropical flavors:  Mango, Pineapple and Coconut. This will bring you back to the beach.  Close your eyes, I bet you can see the sunset.


MangoGinger copy

Mango Ginger Preserve, 8oz                                                                       $4.95 + S&H

Tree Ripened Mango blended with Ginger makes this treat great on muffins, or as a dipping sauce for shrimp, or egg rolls.


Innkeepers copy

Innkeepers Mango Preserve, 8oz                                                                $4.95 + S&H

Sweet mango with a touch of nutmeg.



Guava Preserve, 8oz                                                                                  $4.95 + S&H

It is fragrant and pink, with a sweet taste similar to passion fruit. This jam will add a hint of exotic tropical flair to anything you use it for.





MatlachaMadness copyMatlacha Madness Hot Pepper Sauce, 5oz                                               $4.95 + S&H

Not for the faint of heart! Fiery Jalapeno, Habanero and Chili Peppers give this sauce the HEAT you long for. Our secret blend of herbs and spices give it a truly one-of-a-kind taste that we guarantee is unique to any hot sauce you’ve ever had! The hottest sauce we make.


MangoHotSauce copyMango Hot Sauce, 5oz                                                                              $4.95 + S&H

We call this our two-tone hot sauce. Sweet Pine Island Mango it’ll massage your taste buds in preparation for the Habanero’s slow burn. Mix this sauce with some citrus, marinate jumbo Gulf of Mexico Shrimp in it and place them on the grill for a taste sensation you won’t forget. Also great with chicken and pork or anything you like just a bit spicy.


JimJazzyJolt copyJim’s Jazzy Jolt, 5oz                                                                                  $4.95 + S&H

This hot sauce was developed specifically for customers who told us they wanted a hot — and flavorful — tomato-based hot sauce. As it’s name suggests, it is jazzy and it packs a jolt. But similar to all our hot sauces, it has its own very special flavor.


MangoMustard copyMango Mustard, 8oz                                                                                  $4.95 + S&H

Mustard with the sweet taste of mango.  Great on sandwiches, or as a finishing sauce on a baked ham.


MangoBBQ copy


Mango BBQ Sauce, 8oz                                                                                       $4.95 + S&H

Sweet and savory great on chicken and pork.



HotPepperMango copy


Hot Pepper Mango BBQ Sauce, 8oz                                                                      $4.95 + S&H

Sweet and savory with a kick.






Bokeelia Blend                                                                          $2.95 Free Shipping

Dilly Dip Mix


MatlachaMedMatlacha Medley                                                                       $2.95 Free Shipping

Garlic Pesto Mix


SanibleSensationSanibel Sensation                                                                      $2.95 Free Shipping

French Herb Mix


CaptivaCollectionCaptiva Collection                                                                      $2.95 Free Shipping

Cajun Dip Mix